Dry Shampoo

Scenario 1. Alarm goes off, 6.30 am. You press snooze. Twice. It’s 7.00 o’clock now and you know you will be late. You jump into your work clothes, no time for a shower, brush your teeth, put a simple 2-minute makeup on or perform the world’s quickest beard trim. One brief look in the mirror and you realise your hair won’t make you happy today.

Scenario 2. You have started diving into reading material on natural self-care and have decided to introduce plastic-free shampoo bars to your life while simultaneously reducing hair washes per week for a more sustainable approach to life. Your hair is slowly getting used to this new cycle and leaves you with greasy roots that cannot be saved with hair gel or a messy topknot bun.

Scenario 3. You are lazy and cannot be asked to wash your hair every (other) day.

We all can relate to at least one (or all) of the scenarios above in some way or another. Sometimes we just have a reason to pick up that bottle of dry shampoo. Washing our hair less also promotes our hair’s natural oil to work its wonders – so why not take breaks from daily hair washes? But have you ever looked at the ingredients and components of store-bought dry shampoo spray? I cannot pronounce half of the terms, and even if I did, I would not know what they mean or how they may affect my health and well-being. I like to know the products I allow on my skin and hair and I believe you do, too.

Months ago I researched some simple DIY dry shampoo recipes and stumbled upon a three ingredient recipe that worked very well. I used it up and did not need a refill until I found myself in a place where I had completely forgotten about that magical trio. Last week however, I saw @simply_sustainable_blog share the same dry shampoo recipe and remembered that I had originally planned on sharing this little tutorial with you, too. So here it is, a simple DIY dry shampoo recipe with ingredients from your cupboard.


2 tbsp cornstarch

1 tbsp (organic) cocoa powder

5-10 drops essential oil (optional)

old glass jar | whisk


Blend together the cornstarch and cocoa powder in a little bowl. Use more or less cocoa powder, depending on your hair colour (the darker, the more cocoa powder you will need | you may want to leave it out completely if you have incredibly light blonde hair). Add the drops of essential oil (i.e. lavender) for a lovely scent and stir with a whisk until evenly combined. Refill into the old glass jar.

How to apply

Option 1. Use an old makeup brush and dip it into the jar. Shake off any excess powder (less is more) and start applying, starting at the top of your roots. Use the brush and your fingertips to gently work the dry shampoo into your hair. The cornstarch will remove any grease while the cocoa powder helps colour match your hair.

Option 2. Use an old salt and pepper shaker and shake directly onto the greasy roots. Work it into your hair with your fingertips and hairbrush or comb.