Beeswax Candles

Hygge [hue-gah]; Danish

An atmosphere of warmth, wellbeing and cosiness, when you feel at peace and able to enjoy simple pleasures and being in the moment.

A word, a feeling, lifestyle or lesson (?) – almost certainly a challenge to pronounce and beloved topic for books that teach us the Scandinavian way of living. We all feel it, perhaps in different ways or different moments and that is exactly what it is about. For me, it can be a slow Sunday morning – herby cup of tea in one hand, book in the other; the warmth of the evening sunlight on a stroll down the beach; the sound of raindrops on the windowsill; or simply the cosiness of my favourite sweater. The list is indefinite, but cannot miss the mentioning of this warm and joyous feeling I get when lighting a candle, or two, or three.

Candles create an atmosphere of intimacy and make us feel at home as they gift an array of light even in the darkest corner. I once read and I cannot remember where, that candles are an approach to tell life through scent and flame. I believe that these mundane things are what make even the smallest everyday moments special. So here is how I craft these magical wonders in less than five two minutes.


beeswax sheets

cotton wick



Lay out the beeswax sheet on a flat, clean surface. Place the cotton wick onto one end of the sheet and cut to size, allowing for about an inch to overlap. Roll the sheet tightly until you reach the desired width and, depending on the size of your sheet, cut off the rest with your scissors or a knife. Press done the visible edge to ensure the candle does not unfold – it should stick together nicely. Note: Pure cotton wicks may take a little longer than usual to catch the flame of your matchstick or lighter.

I thought for quite some time whether or not to include a few words on the toxicity of paraffin wax but decided to create an article of its own on this particular topic. Spoiler alert – if you find a bundle of a dozen tea lights for less than a couple of pounds you can almost certainly assume that they are made from paraffin wax without reading the label, and for the sake of your health and wellbeing you should put them back and invest in natural wax candles instead.